Short Hairstyles
For Women Over 50:
Your Age Does
Not Matter


There are plenty of great short hairstyles for women over 50.

As we age, our sense of style matures a bit. However, it does not mean it has to be boring and outdated. A woman can be stylish at any age. It concerns her hairstyles, as well. It is quite natural for a woman to experiment with her hairstyle as she ages. It is true though that, as we mature, we tend to prefer simpler short hairstyles.

Short haircuts work best for fine fair, especially when it is cut in layers. Thicker hair always looks nice in an elongated haircut. Medium haircuts are extremely stylish on older women and a great choice for those with thicker hair. No matter what your age is, you should stick to a hairstyle that keeps in line with your facial structure and texture of your hair.


Short Messy Pixie

It seems like there are no better hairstyle role models than celebrities. For example, Italian actress Nicoletta Braschi decided to show up at Cannes with a youthful and carefree pixie to accentuate her effortless look. Why don’t you copy it?


Long Shaggy Pixie

Emma Thompson always knows how to be on point with her hair. Her long shaggy pixie that gives a lot of lift to the crown while keeping the overall look very well-groomed simply slayed cameras with the amazingly lively appearance.


Slicked Back Straight Pixie

Needless to say, Tilda Swinton is one of those inspiring ladies that sports the looks to steal. To open up the best features of her face, she opts for a slicked back straight pixie that keeps the top voluminous and her silhouette sleek.


Middle Parted Wavy Bob

Just like any wise woman, Meg Ryan knows her best sides and flaws. She looks wonderful with this middle-parted bob, finished with slight waves because they give a soft framing effect at the sides, thus making her face appear more attractive.


Layered Side Parted Pixie

Since layers can not only deal with thin hair but also give a very modern look, Faith Hill made a layered pixie a part of her fashion look. Though the cut is pretty short, the play of side-parted layered tresses gives a well-balanced body to her style.


Short Punky Pixie

Punky but feminine. This is how Holly Berry chose to meet the world premiere of her movie, showing off her restless, yet girly character. Some of the front locks are left to frame her forehead, and that’s what makes the whole look so sophisticated.


Wavy Chin-Length Bob

Catherine Bell with her wavy bob are here to make all women get the most out of their wavy and curly textures. Here she keeps her natural texture as effortless as never before, letting a chin-length bob whip it into shape.


Straight Stacked Short Bob

We’ve seen Felicity Huffman with so many different hairstyles, but this one seems to be the most flattering one. The stacked straight bob, where the front is slightly longer than the back portion, really takes years off, especially if the front pieces slightly frame the face.


Bob With Hollywood Waves

Short bob with waves for a red carpet look. Why not? Cate Blanchett combines everything a modern look needs: classic, minimalism, and pure femininity. Her side-swept waves create a gentle framing silhouette while keeping her face absolutely open. Isn’t that magic?


Side Parted Bob With Flipped Ends

Robin Wright proves that a simple bob with flipped ends can nicely finish a Cannes look. The point is that the style should perfectly match one’s facial features, just like this bob does: the airy ends visually give a rounder shape to her pointed features, and front tresses partly overlap her broad forehead, building the ideal balance.

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