How is balayage applied?

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What is Balayage?

Balayage is painted on the surface of the hair strand and not saturated through the section until the very tips. This ensures a smooth, blended stroke of colour. It can also be called a freehand technique because no foil or meche are used to create the highlights.

How long does it take to do balayage?

The depth of balayage can vary so much from a ‘few small highlights that will only take a matter of minutes to a full on, triple process look that can take up to 3 hours,’

Options on making your balayage last longer

If you want to make your balayage last as long as possible, opt for a babylight – it’s the most subtle type of colour you can investing in some good quality colour care styling products is also advisable to keep your colour looking fresh for longer.

If your colour turns brassy after a while you can ‘refresh it without going for a full top up with a toner or gloss to give your shine back.’ says Wood.

Breathe new life into your hair with color

Being stuck in a hair rut is the absolute worst.

One way to breathe new life into your hair is by changing up the color.

For fun ideas, check out this roundup of top haircolor techniques and haircolors below.

Who knows? One of them might just be what you’ve been looking for all along.

Remember to take an image to your local salon so your colorist can help you achieve the look!

This pretty-sounding French term, which means to sweep or paint, also has a very pretty effect on hair.

During a Balayage service, which is a highlighting technique, a colorist paints bleach or haircolor just on the surface of your hair freehand; he or she doesn’t saturate the entire section with hairdye.

The result is soft, natural-looking, sun-kissed highlights that easily blend in as hair grows longer.

Going from dark to blonde

Going from a very dark black or brown hair color to a very pale blonde color, mineral deposits from your swimming pool or shower, and using the incorrect hair products are all factors that might lead beautifully blonde hair to turn brassy.

The Shades EQ glossing service, which features a demi-permanent, no-ammonia hair color, will revive faded hair color, add shine and correct hair that’s turned brassy. 

For a quick fix at home, you can opt for hair products with a purple tone to neutralize the yellow in blonde haircolors that have turned brassy. (Cue the flashbacks to elementary school art class.) Redken Color Extend Blondage is a violet depositing purple shampoo that can help to tone, strengthen and brighten all in one for a brighter, stronger blonde. .

Game-changing hair coloring techniques

Some personal realizations occur when sitting under a red-tinted hood of heat and wearing enough foils to make contact with an alien mothership. 

Sure, you can get six weeks of color before growing roots plant you back in that salon chair; but you can also end up with brassy zebra stripes that bring back memories of ultra-glossy Lip Smackers and frosted cream eye shadow. (The early 2000s called, and they want those platinum blonde stripes back.)

Thankfully, traditional foil highlights are no longer the only go-to hair color choice.

 Now, game-changing hair coloring techniques, most namely balayage highlights, let us get the hair of our wildest dreams: natural-looking, low-maintenance, and endless in options.

Balayage technically means “to sweep” or “to paint” in French, but in our opinion, it might as well mean to look beautiful, natural, and enviously kissed by the sun.

We can’t help but drool over rich chocolate brown brushed with melted caramel and honey and swoon over golden blonde touched with smooth butter and amber.

These dynamic color blends are achieved by free-hand painting hair with lighter shades, which catch light perfectly and look like the natural highlights from the summers of your youth.

The strokes are artfully placed all over the head, but often frame the face and coat the ends most prominently; and they grow out most flatteringly, making touch-ups fewer and far between. 

If you want to liven up your locks for spring and summer, it might just be time for a hair color pick-me-up á la balayage.

No matter your hair color or style, we have the balayage hair color inspiration you need to take to your next salon appointment.

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